Patrick Harlalka

Co-Founder, MOTF & General Manager, Panthera Group

Patrick has an extensive track record of developing multiple residential greenfield sites. He has also had significant exposure to the Global Retail Industry while operating a wholesale and retail fashion company in Sydney, Australia and Los Angeles, USA for over 6 years.

In the past few years, Patrick has supported key leasing and transaction activities within Panthera Group while leading operations for the technology department and co-founding the Mall of the Future Platform. Patrick’s role expands into innovation and value development for the group, where he seeks new opportunities in property, technology and hospitality with existing and new partners.

Patrick has a qualification from the University of New South Wales in Bachelor of Construction Management and Property (2014). The combination of Patrick’s experience in managing developments and teams in an operational business adds to his ability to be successful in his role as an Investment Manager at Panthera Group.

Malls of the Future Summit 2024

  • Interactive round table sessions
  • The Futuristic Holy Grail: Unifying humans and hardware in the race to a ‘Tech-focused’ Mall