Malls of the Future Summit

6 March 2024 | Doltone House - Darling Island, Sydney + Virtual

Where mall owners, developers, tenants, investors, designers and technology companies come together to create awesome retail destinations

A collaboration of mall owners, developers, tenants, investors & technology companies to create the future of retail destinations

Malls are being reimagined as urban lifestyle destinations that excite and engage.

Developers, owners, architects, and builders are focussed on establishing urban design principles that maximise diversity, sustainability and deliver a compelling proposition to retail brands looking to meet the needs of future generations of shoppers.

Planned and delivered effectively, these retail precincts will enhance long-term returns by establishing efficient centre management, improving tenancy mix and engagement, enhancing customer intimacy and experience, and by using unique integrated retail technologies.

The 2nd Annual Malls of the Future Summit brings together the brightest minds in the industry to explore the continued evolution of bricks and mortar retail in a fast-changing world.

It will explore the factors driving investment in innovative new-build and redeveloped shopping precincts that are going beyond the norm to offer a more personalised and sensory customer experience that creates reasons for local communities to visit, stay longer, feel connected and return time and time again.

"Malls of the Future Summit was a terrific platform for property professionals to network, collaborate & hear interesting insights into what will shape the future of retail.  Thanks to Future Place for putting on a great event & for providing a very thought-provoking day of quality information."

Simon Dyer

Retail Asset Manager, Centuria

"Great event thanks for organising to you Tina and the whole team. I thought it was exceptionally well put together and well attended. A very nice touch with the donation also much appreciated."

Varun Nair

General Manager-Operations and Environment, Scentre Group

"Retail touches every consumer around the globe. It was enriching to bring the brightest minds in the region together to discuss the future of our malls, places, and precincts. It was a real privilege to open at this very timely and insightful conference."

Jace Tyrrell

CEO, New Sydney Waterfront Co. 

"I had the opportunity to speak at a recent MOTF summit & found the event organisers to be extremely supportive in preparation for the day. It’s a well organised event which I then got to enjoy as a guest. The summit brought a great number of views from relevant stakeholders of the industry."

Carly Whitelaw

General Manager – Property, Munro Shoes

"One of my absolute favourite conferences. An absolute pleasure to be on the panel with such a great group to discuss how ESG is driving greater sustainability across retail real estate. 
A pleasure to be working with FuturePlace and over 300 attendees. Looking forward to coming back."

David Fuller-watts

CEO, Mallcomm

"An open and engaging dialogue between world class landlords, tenants and advisors all working towards the exciting future of omni retail. A well organised event with very strong attendance in its first year."

Kieron Ritchard

CEO, Fantastic Furniture

"It was a pleasure to attend the Malls of the Future Summit and share a room with many of our development peers, consultants and retailers sharing thoughts on the new and emerging role of the retail centre in its broader community, and great to see deeper alignment on understanding the customer will be key to success."

Joanna Russell

Retail Development Manager, Frasers Property Australia

"Great topics & case studies, sessions were well paced & made for an enjoyable day!"

Karen Woo

Sustainability Manager Community, Vicinity Centres

"Great conference, very professionally organised and a fantastic venue. The panel session was really insightful and lovely to be surrounded by retail experts."

Anastasia Lloyd-Wallis

COO-Head of Consumer Insights, Retail Doctor Group

The Malls of the Future Summit was an excellent event for both its content and networking opportunities. Tina and FuturePlace did a great job pulling an amazing group of speakers together in this well run event.

Leif Olson

Director-Head of Retail Leasing Australia, CBRE

This was a well-run conference with a great blend of topics and speakers, which resulted in some very interesting discussions. We look forward to next year’s event.

James Turnbull

Directory – GapAdvisory, GapMaps

Summit will start in...

Malls Of The Future

Our Past Speakers

Jace Tyrrell

Chief Executive Officer, New Sydney Waterfront Company

Christine Kelly

Deputy Fund Manager, Head of Retail Finance, Charter Hall Retail REIT

Chakyl Camal

CEO and Co-Founder, Panthera Group

Fleur Brown

Chief Industry Affairs Officer, Australian Retailers Association

Kieron Ritchard

Chief Executive Officer, Fantastic Furniture

Ian Bailey

Managing Director, Kmart Group Australia

Anne MacSporran

Fund Manager, Lendlease APPF Retail

Joanna Russell

General Manager- Retail Development, Frasers Property Australia

The Program

The Malls of the Future Summit will bring together over 200 leaders to discuss the following:

  • Examining the New Normal – how design and the role of technology will help to revitalise shopping centres
  • Customer centricity – differentiating the consumer offering, with a focus on experience and convenience
  • Placemaking – seamlessly integrating technology and architecture to deliver a sense of place and increase community activation
  • Future cities & Central Experience Districts – exploring how shopping precincts are set to transform communities and deliver on evolving expectations
  • Technology – transforming the mall experience by leveraging technology and omnichannel strategies
  • Design, layout and delivery – exploration of new formats and commercial real estate opportunities
  • ESG – creating healthy and sustainable shopping centres that support the community
  • Partnerships – supercharging omnichannel partnerships between malls and retailers
  • Delivering retail in highly immersive, interactive, and experimental formats to encourage customer spend
  • Precinct developments – getting the retail mix right to deliver Mixed-Use entertainment hubs
Malls Of The Future

Conference Schedule

Malls Of The Future

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The REwork APAC Summit is a Hybrid event. This format combines the traditional face-to-face conference with virtual elements, allowing both in-person and virtual attendees to access the same content and networking opportunities simultaneously.

Malls of the Future Summit

Driving growth through innovation and customer experience in retail real estate


Registration & coffee


Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

Tony Doherty, Head of Retail, Property & Asset Management – Australia, JLL



Keynote address – An overview of the history of Malls since inception and how each generation has driven change in Shopping Centres: Boomers, Gen X, Y, Z, Millennials, what next?

Reading the consumer is paramount if retail bricks and mortar is to pivot and remain relevant. The competitive environment is changing, forcing a rethink about the industry, from how many and what kind of tenants CESs need to house and how large a CES must be in order to be successful, to how, why and where sites are selected, the role of anchor stores, and the necessity of incorporating non-traditional elements such as housing, entertainment and healthcare into CES design. 

  • Future Cities & Central Experience Districts – exploring how shopping precincts are set to transform communities and deliver on evolving expectations 
  • What the future will look like for the sub regional shopping precincts as the retail market continues to transform 
  • Transforming malls to family entertainment/consumer experience centres 
  • Customer centricity – differentiating the customer offering, with a focus on experience and convenience 
  • Design, layout and delivery – exploring new formats and commercial real estate opportunities 
  • ESG as a driver to create healthy and sustainable spaces 
Jace Tyrrell, Chief Executive Officer, New Sydney Waterfront Company

CEO panel discussion - Examining the New NORMAL and what it means for MALL demand, design, and the role of technology as we push to revitalise Shopping Centres

RETAIL IN FLUX – Embracing change in the retail landscape. E-Commerce, Covid and a looming recession are causing massive disruption to Malls and Retail Real Estate. Once thriving hubs of consumerism, retail stores have been forced to rethink the purpose of bricks and mortar shopping centres and their continued relevancy in social thinking. In this session we gather leading industry professionals to talk about the past, present and the future of shopping Centres. 

  • Has the role of the mall changed forever and how? 
  • What are the implications of e-commerce on city CSDs and the national economy?  
  • What role are tenants playing in defining the new Shopping Centre landscape? 
  • What can landlords do to enhance their mall design to attract and retain tenants? 
  • Examining the role technology plays in making retail spaces clean, healthy, attractive, and more sustainable. 
  • What does all this mean for retail landlords, investors and agencies and how can they work together to enhance and revitalise the Mall and Shopping Centres?
Fleur Brown, Chief Industry Affairs Officer, Australian Retailers Association
Ian Bailey, Managing Director, Kmart Group Australia
Anastasia Lloyd-Wallis, Chief Operating Officer & Head of Insights, Retail Doctor Group
Facilitated by:
Jace Tyrrell, Chief Executive Officer, New Sydney Waterfront Company

The Futuristic Holy Grail: Unifying humans and hardware in the race to a ‘Tech-focused’ Mall

The world continues to change, and the very nature of shopping has evolved exponentially. Unsurprisingly, retail and people’s expectations of what the mall of the future looks like are changing.  Work/life is no longer a balance, but an integration and malls are no longer a place for solely consuming – but a place for experiences too. This talk will examine the Futuristic holy grail: Unifying humans and hardware in the race to a ‘Tech- focused’ Mall. 

  • Treating the retail asset as a data farm to create digital personas of the customers and tenants 
  • Digital platforms to provide new types of offerings such as plug and play stores – Kogan, eBay, Iconic etc 
  • Unification of in-store and on-line merchandise 
  • Delivering retail in highly immersive, interactive, and experiential formats to encourage customer spend. 
  • Seamlessly integrating technology and architecture to deliver a sense of place and increase community activation 
  • Latest tech trends such as E-wallets, Chatbots AR and Facial Recognition
Patrick Harlalka, Co-Founder, MOTF & General Manager, Panthera Group

Morning tea & networking break



Meet the managers - Capital markets and investor perspectives on Retail Real Estate

The future for retail space looks increasingly uncertain, as people have been forced to stay home, increasing their online shopping habits in a bid to avoid visiting shops and catching covid. This could significantly affect retail real estate investment trusts, or REITs, at least in the short to medium term, according to analysts. However, some are still somewhat positive on the longer-term outlook, despite E-commerce increasing pre-covid as lifestyle habits impacted shopping behaviour.   

We invite some of Australia’s leading retail fund managers to lift the bonnet and deep dive   into retail real estate trends from the viewpoint of investors and the capital markets.  

  • Examining the short-, medium- and long-term prospects for retail space. What are the current occupancy rates, impacts on leases, price per sqm and yields? 
  • Is there evidence of a flight to quality in the retail market and a longer-term structural shift to certain types of retail assets, and what sort of retail assets are in demand? 
  • What can landlords do to influence their outcome in the Centre redevelopment contest?  
  • How are retail landlords adjusting to the push for net zero, and how much of an influence is this having on tenant choice? 
Christine Kelly, Deputy Fund Manager, Head of Retail Finance, Charter Hall Retail REIT
Anne MacSporran, Fund Manager, Lendlease APPF Retail
Simon Dyer, Retail Asset Manager, Centuria Capital Group
Simon Baird, Deputy Fund Manager, IRAPT, ISPT
Facilitated by:
Ben Burston, Chief Economist, Knight Frank

Innovation Tech Talks - How Malls are being reimagined by PropTech for the new era of shopping

In this rapid-fire session, we hear from 3 forward thinking Tech companies and how they are creating technologies for the lasting shift toward Malls of the Future.

Tech 1: Patrick Harlalka, Investment Manager, Mall of The Future
Tech 2: Chantel Zamparutti,Director, Sales ANZ, Pathzz
Tech 3: James McLeod, General Manager, Norbit

Facilitated by:
Melissa Hardy, Director, Business Performance & Technology, Real Estate, QIC

Lunch & networking break



Looking at how ESG is driving greater sustainability across retail real estate and shopper experience

Sustainability is an increasingly important issue for many people, and companies, institutions and governments are responding. Consumers have taken up the baton, making it even more important for the property industry and its businesses to design, build and operate with ESG at the forefront of strategy, operations and service delivery as momentum gathers pace. As consumers and investors increasingly demand more sustainable shopping experiences, there is an opportunity for the industry to act for the benefit of the environment, the community, and the economy.  

This panel will examine how using a centralised approach, making goal – based decisions and tracking/reporting results are key to accelerating and excelling in the field of ESG. 

  • Assessing the impact of ESG on Retail Real Estate and how it has evolved over the last 24 months? 
  • What would the S in ESG look like in Shopping Centres?  
  • How is technology playing a key role in addressing sustainability issues and enabling Shopping Centres to tread more lightly on the planet? 
  • Examining developments in renewable power agreements, integrated waste and long-term environmental plans. 
  • Looking at the success of central analytics which support portfolios with data insights which in turn are driving big improvements in NABERS and energy efficiency. 
  • From construction to facilities management – what can each player in the Retail ecosystem do better to drive sustainable outcomes and who is responsible for the carbon footprint at each stage of the ecosystem? 
  • Examining how sustainability is driving tenant choice when selecting retail centres and consumers decision making around where to shop? 
Tim Weale, Head of Sustainability, Region Group
Varun Nair, General Manager – Operations and Environment, Scentre Group
Karen Woo, Sustainability Manager Community, Vicinity Centres
David Hopper, Joint Managing Director, Kaipara Property Group
David Fuller-Watts, CEO, Mallcomm
Facilitated by:
Renae Gasmier, Head of Sustainability Consulting - Australia, JLL

Interactive round table sessions

These quickfire moderated 30-minute roundtable sessions enable delegates to break up into small focus groups of 20 to deep dive into topics of specific interest. This will be followed by a quick 2 minute recap of each table discussion by each of the facilitators.

Roundtable 1: Extracting maximum value from retail assets through diversification
Led by: Claire Bowles, Regenerative Development Lead, i2C Architects  

Roundtable 2: Future retail trends under a social lens 
Led by: Tully Walter, Futures Strategist, SOON Future Studies 

Roundtable 3: The challenges of making intelligence on any physical location accessible, reliable, and valuable
Led by: Chantel Zamparutti, Director, Sales ANZ, Pathzz

Roundtable 4: Delivering the optimal tenant mix for the mall of the future                         
Led by: Tony Dimasi, Head of GapAdvisory, GapMaps and James Turnball, General Manager-GapMaps Advisory, GapMaps 

Roundtable 5: Creating the Malls of the Future                        
Led by: Patrick Harlalka, Co-Founder, MOTF & General Manager, Panthera Group 

Roundtable 6: The evolving role of the mall-creating places with form and function                        
Led by: Kelvin Taylor, Project Director – Associate, Diadem


Claire Bowles, Regenerative Development Lead, i2C Architects
Tully Walter, Futures Strategist, SOON Future Studies
Chantel Zamparutti, Director, Sales ANZ, Pathzz
Tony Dimasi, Head of GapAdvisory, GapMaps
James Turnbull, Director - GapAdvisory, GapMaps
Patrick Harlalka, Co-Founder, MOTF & General Manager, Panthera Group
Kelvin Taylor, Project Director - Associate, Diadem

Afternoon tea & networking break



Focus panel discussion: The Rise of the Citizen Shopper – Consumers who make choices based on issues and values

Customer centricity – Differentiating the consumer offering, with a focus on experience, convenience, and social impact is now crucial to retail longevity. Shopping Centres need to morph into consumer engagement spaces (CESs) – transformed mixed-use commercial offerings designed to meet the needs of new and future generations of shoppers. Catering to a customer base proud of its diversity, less interested in owning things than in having experiences and accessing functionalities and who demand the right to co-develop and design the goods and services they buy.       

  • Aesthetics, cleanliness, safety, and curb-side convenience 
  • Personalised shopping experiences 
  • Sustainability as in/by/through imbedded in the shopping experience 
  • Capturing brand and bricks and mortar loyalty by catering to millennials now 
  • Flipping tech from being purely logistical and transactional to leveraging retail technologies to interface and communicate with consumers armed with their own shopping technologies
Kieron Ritchard, Chief Executive Officer, Fantastic Furniture
Carly Whitelaw, General Manager Property, Munro Footwear Group
Facilitated by:
Leif Olson, Head of Retail Leasing Australia, CBRE

Case study: Developing a Mixed-Use Retail Precinct

In this case study we learn all about Ed.Square – a unique urban neighbourhood where elevated contemporary living is surrounded by walking paths, cycleways, multiple neighbourhood parks and Ed.Square Town Centre, a shopping, dining and entertainment precinct. Ed.Square has set the benchmark for Mixed Use Retail and Residential living – with its vibrant village feel, leafy surrounds and all that residents and shoppers will need at their fingertips. Joanna will walk us through the journey behind the planning, design and build of this innovative new Mixed-Use precinct.

Joanna Russell, General Manager- Retail Development, Frasers Property Australia

Panel discussion - The evolving role of the MALL: Creating places with form, function, and purpose

In this session we look at how landlords have a role in creating places with purpose. We examine the role mixed use precincts play in creating complex community ecosystems that will ultimately encourage customers back into the mall. While e-commerce is important, getting more people back into malls is also key to the success and longevity of the CBD, Suburban Shopping Centres, and the Australian economy so we examine what more can be done to address this. 

  • The new role of the mall as a cultural and collaboration hub – how can landlords enhance their buildings to support this role for their tenants. 
  • Assessing retail design and location – what do tenants really want? 
  • Understanding the link between employee health, wellness, productivity, and the impact on revenue 
  • Redesigning store formats 
  • From CSD to CES (Central Experience Shopping Centre) – How is Australia following in the footsteps of Asia, Europe and America and shifting towards integrated mixed-use Shopping precincts?  
  • Partnerships, mergers, and acquisitions – exploring the new types of partnerships emerging between traditional retail landlords, brokers/agencies and “shopping as a service” vendors as a new Shopping Centre blueprint emerges. 
Jon Savell, General Manager, Property Management, Woolworths Group
Marnie Devereux, Head of Retail, Development, Lendlease
Luke Young, General Manager – Leasing, QIC
Sarah Blackmore, Head of Asset Management, SRL
Kelvin Taylor, Project Director - Associate, Diadem
Facilitated by:
Tony Doherty, Head of Retail, Property & Asset Management – Australia, JLL

Cocktail Reception


Close of Summit

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