REwork APAC Summit 2022

7-8 September, 2022 | Sydney, Australia + Virtual

Conference | Exhibition | Networking

APAC's largest workplace and workforce transformation event

We’re about to enter the most revolutionary and transformative period in the history of work. The most innovative companies are seizing the moment to reinvent how they do things, developing new structures, models, training systems and approaches. Offices are also changing to reflect these new requirements, moving beyond ping pong tables and free food to embrace purpose and function led attributes such as energy efficiency and shared workspaces, wellness amenities and spaces where staff can learn, coach, innovate and problem solve together.

The movement has started and there is no going back. But the reality is, there is no one-size fits all solution, and no guaranteed blueprint for success. There has never been a greater need for knowledge sharing, partnerships and innovative approaches.

Back for its 2nd year, the REwork Summit will bring HR, workplace and employee experience, real estate, facilities management and technology decision makers all together under one roof, to connect, learn, and find the partners they need to build the future ready omni-channel workplace.

Join us and help shape the new world of work!

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ReWork 2022

Meet Our Speakers

Who should attend and why?

This event is for workplace leadership job functions who need to work together to create the workplace that best meets the challenges inherent within a hybrid or work-from-anywhere (WFA) model. The Summit focuses on the three core areas affected by hybrid and WFA, namely:

PEOPLE – which includes staff wellbeing, the HR policies and employee experience

PLACE & SPACE – which includes the footprint, the Hub and spoke location and flex design

TECHNOLOGY – which includes office connectivity, EX and WX apps and space monitoring

C Level, HR, Wellness and Work Culture Specialists

You are responsible for supporting remote and office staff management, engagement, recruitment, and overall performance within the workplace. 

The Summit will show you how your role has expended to include the remote and digital workplace and how these changes will influence employee experience, mental and physical welfare, work community and corporate culture. 


  • Do staff perform well out of the office?  
  • Is the workplace fair to all employee groups? 
  • How do we reconnect staff to the brand values? 
  • Can we provide meaningful wellbeing support? 
  • How can we boost innovation & collaboration? 
  • How do we stop “the great resignation”? 
  • Creating high performance workplaces that your employees love 
  • Boosting employee experience in a remote first and flex friendly company 
  • Designing for corporate culture – Creating the new hub strategy for the hybrid office 
  • Ensuring fairness & wellbeing to all employees in the hybrid and work-from-anywhere workplace 
  • How to build a work from anywhere policy 

Technology, Digital and Remote Employee Support Specialists

You are responsible for determining the current and future needs of the organisation to create fit-for-purpose solutions for the distributed digital and physical office. 

The Summit will show you how to optimise digital tools and broader Proptech offerings to streamline and automate processes, improve productivity, empower and engage employees wherever they work.

  • What new tech do we need to stay relevant?
  • How can we better connect staff to the office?
  • Can we make our services easier to use?
  • How can we use EX datato improve services?  
  • How will the VR officechange the digital needs? 
  • Building people success: measuring employee happiness and engagementusing data driven tools 
  • Developing future ready workplaces which connect business strategy with people, digital and place
  • Predictions from the edge of the future workplace
  • Optimising immersive meeting technologiesfor the virtual office 
  • Reading the future in the present for hybrid & digital workplaces

Building, Real Estate and Flex Service Specialists

You are focused on ensuring that the operating costs of office space are justified and supportive of staff needs and company/employee requirements

The Summit will provide you with current real-world insights from large enterprise organisations and industry experts mapping out where the market is heading, what factors are driving their decision-making process, and why flexible workspace arrangements will be the norm going forwards. 


  • What is the best way to use flex space services?  
  • How do we ensure our space is fit for purpose?  
  • Should we keep our old office leaseor adjust it?  
  • Will hybrid-WFAmodels continue post covid?  
  • How can technology help maximise space use?
  • Boosting employee experience in a remote firstand flex friendly company 
  • Designing for corporate culture – Creating the new hub strategy for the hybrid office
  • Building employee centric workplaceswith corporate purpose and social value 
  • In the hybrid workplace, how do you reposition your office assets for future value
  • Creating a win-win workplace experience supporting performance, culture and authenticity 

Workplace Designers, Workplace Experience and Digital Office Connectivity Specialists

You are responsible for refitting/repurposing the office to effectively engage and empower staff who seek improved digital, collaboration and innovation hubs. 

The summit will show case the importance of having a dedicated workplace experience strategy and team to successfully manage the shift to a distributed workplace and digital office with a space and technology platform that is fit for this new purpose. 

  • Is our office design and services competitive?
  • Will employees value returning to the office?
  • Can we help boost the brand valuesin design?  
  • Can we improve health and wellness in design?
  • Are we prepared for the future of digital work
  • Building employee centric workplaceswith corporate purpose and social value 
  • Making sure you have appropriate flex policiesin place for your office space 
  • Creating spaces for activity based work cultures
  • Design places and spaces that support mental healthand wellness 
  • Ensuring equity, flexibility & work-life balancein hybrid workplaces 
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Rework Apac 2022 By The Numbers

2 day in-person and virtual event


VP & Director
Heads of/Managers


Workplace Strategy/Experience
People & Culture
Real Estate/Property
Executive Management
Digital Technology



Landlords - owners of office space, flex space operators

Agencies/ intermediaries

Office design & fit-out firms/consultants

Architects (building and space design)

Tech companies

Why Become A Partner?

REwork presents unique annual opportunities across a number of channels, all designed to deliver business development and leadership opportunities.

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Thought Leadership Presentations

Establish pre-eminence amongst your peers

Branding And Signage

Multiple opportunities exist before, during and after the event

Roundtable Hosting

Lead a roundtable of industry professionals in this powerful, interactive format


Impress the world with your team and hospitality

Lead Generation

New business opportunities from a highly targeted audience


The exhibition is the place to showcase and build new business connections

Who Should Partner?

Workplace strategy & experience

  • Tenant experience platforms
  • Workplace management solutions
  • Desk and meeting room booking
  • Workplace/resource scheduling
  • Space utilisation
  • Contactless
  • AR/VR

Architecture, design, planning & consulting

  • Design & build
  • Interior design
  • Reconfiguration
  • Fit out

Distributed workforce tools/technologies

  • Digital employee experience platforms
  • Collaboration & networking tools
  • File sharing tools
  • Messaging tools
  • CRM
  • Videoconferencing
  • Cybersecurity

Space & service providers

  • Landlords
  • Agencies/Brokers
  • Tenant reps
  • Consultants


The REwork APAC Summit is a Hybrid event. This format combines the traditional face-to-face conference with virtual elements, allowing both in-person and virtual attendees to access the same content and networking opportunities simultaneously.

High quality curated content

With expert sessions and industry leading speakers, delve into expertly curated content that you won’t find anywhere else.

Live and on-demand

Wherever you are at the time of the event, you’ll be in control. You’ll have the ability to consume all the content being delivered at your leisure through either a live stream of the physical event or on-demand.

Time efficient

If you are based outside of Sydney and for whatever reason can’t make it to the event in-person, you can save on travel time and accommodation costs while still networking with global industry professionals.

Business matchmaking live

Take part in intelligently curated meetings with like-minded individuals that share similar interests and challenges from all over the world through our AI powered matchmaking delivered via our virtual platform.

Accessible from all your devices

Get insights and network at your fingertips – all content sessions and networking activities will be accessible from your laptop, tablets or mobile devices.

Engage, interact and influence

Make the most of your experience by being a truly active participant. Whether at the event or attending virtually, you’ll have the ability to ask questions, participate in polls, and share your experience with other attendees via break-out sessions.

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